Jack Kempf “Friend of the ABA”

Jack is a legendary Alberta bowyer. He has been building bows for many years – traditional longbows and recurves but in his early days, Jack also designed and built custom compounds. Many of us have one (or more) of his creations and he has customers from all over the continent. Beautiful works of art but also very efficient and functional.
Jack has been a friend of the ABA for many years. He has donated a recurve or longbow to our fundraisers (either at the banquet or for our raffles) for longer than any of us can remember. He values what the ABA is about – our lobby for bowhunting opportunity, our recognition of the successes of the bowhunting community, our commitment to the youth. Jack attends the annual banquet and enjoys the comradery with fellow bowhunters.
Over the years, the ABA has tried to show our appreciation for his unwavering support (a custom jacket, a custom buckle, an Honorary Life Membership) but he always says, “Not necessary – glad to help out”. Very humble.
His support means a great deal to the ABA and he is also a “friend” to not only the Association, but to us as individuals as well.

Presented to Jack Kempf in appreciation of his many years of support for the ABA!