The voice of Alberta Bowhunters since 1956

The Alberta Bowhunters Association’s mission is “to foster and expand the practice of archery, the cultural and traditional importance of bowhunting and the spirit of good fellowship among archers.”

The ABA represents you in lobby efforts with local, regional and senior Fish & Wildlife staff as well as with other stakeholders in maintaining or enhancing bowhunting opportunities. The ABA sits on various FW Big Game Management Plan reviews, Regulation Change and Policy Review Committees.

Everything you now do as a bowhunter in Alberta, you can attribute to the hard work of the Alberta Bowhunters Association.

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Our History and Mission

The Alberta Bowhunters Association was formed in 1956 and is the voice of the Alberta bowhunter. The ABA collaborates with other user groups and organizations, with government agencies at all levels, to further bowhunting opportunities (as well as hunting and access opportunities in general) and protect the opportunities we now enjoy.

ABA sits on various big game management plan review committees, regulation change and policy reviews committees. Assisted Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association in the comprehensive review of the Bowhunting/Archery component of the Hunter Ed Manual (2023). Lobbied successfully for a reduction in the minimum draw   . . .

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