Field To Table Raffle!!

What an amazing concept our raffle comittee came up with.

This Raffle will absolutely interest everyone!

Follow the link and remember there is a 50/50 attached to every one of our raffles.

Licence # AGLC-639681

Add-on Licences: # AGLC-639687

Field to Table plus 50/50

Latest Raffle Results!

EBIKE and 50/50

E Bike winner: Noelan Chapman, Drayton Valley
E Bike 50/50 winner: Mel Barmes, Ft Saskatchewan

On The Water and 50/50

Prize 1: Sturgeon Fishing Trip:
Stanley Haig, Calgary
Prize 2: Saskatchewan Flu In Fishing Trip:
Jason Ritchie, Calgary
Prize 3: Bow River Fly Fishing Trip:
Nathan Turley, Wood Buffalo

Michael Penner, Mallaig

Thanks all for your support!!

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