Meet the Team

These are the people who work hard daily to maintain our rights concerning bowhunting in Alberta


Brent Watson


I started bowhunting in the early 1980's. I became involved in the ABA after attending several banquets. I was the Regulations chairman for a few years and then on to President. This will be my 15th year in that position. It is important we do not take for granted the privileges and opportunities we have as hunters and bowhunters. They just do not happen on their own – lots of hard work by many people over the years has led to what we all enjoy today.

Lance 2013

Lance Neilson

Treasurer / Web

I started bowhunting in 1982 and joined the ABAA shortly after that. I became involved on the executive in 1989 and am proud of the ABA's accomplishments to this point.


Gord Nuttall

Newsletter Editor


Ray Melom

Ray Melom

Director At Large

Hi my name is Ray Melom,  I am a lifetime ABA member and started my bowhunting passion at the age of 16.  Like many other members of the ABA executive I am grateful for the bowhunting opportunities we have in Alberta.  I am excited to help do my part to maintain the current opportunities we have and help create new ones for future generations.


Dale Johnson

Vice President

I have been actively associated with the Alberta Bowhunters Association for many years. My drive comes from my family and love of the outdoors.

Cam Johnson

Cam Johnson


Cam has been a passionate bowhunter since he was old enough to hold a bow, thanks to his dad and friends, many of whom are now the "old timers" at ABA functions. Ensuring bowhunters in Alberta have good regulatory opportunities and good places to hunt are interests of Cam's, as are the social gatherings and friends made throughout he ABA.

Wacey Arthur

Wacey Arthur

Trad Director

I’m a avid outdoorsman trapper and traditional archer. I have been married to my wife Lindsay for 12 years and we have four children. I work in the oil and gas industry, and in my free time I work with new traditional archers on getting started and setting up their bows.

devon pickering

Devon Pickering

Director At Large

I grew up in a ranch in central Alberta Hunting was always a part of our lives. I started getting serious into bow hunting about 15 years ago. I joined the ABA in 2014, and have managed to harvest several pope and young animals. My personal favorites to hunt would probably be black bear and elk. I was drawn to the ABA because of what the association does for bowhunters to secure a bowhunting future for my children.


Rob Kubicek

North Director

I have been a long time member of the ABA and proudly became a life member in 2008.



Kris Skelly

3D Director

An avid outdoorsman and tournament 3D archer, you can find me at many local 3D Shoots both indoor and outdoors. I live in central Alberta and my favourite hunts are mule deer spot and stalk and calling elk.

Kyle head Shot

Kyle Sinclair-Smith

Game Awards Chairman

I have been bow hunting big game since I turned twelve and I have been a professional guide since I was eighteen. For my entire life, archery and bow hunting has been a major focus and it has taken me some incredible places throughout North America. Now being a father, I look forward to teaching my child about bow hunting and the adventures that come along with it. I got involved with the Alberta Bowhunter's Association not only because of my passion for bow hunting, but to ensure my son is able to grow up and enjoy bowhunting .


Dan Indenbosch

South Director

I started bowhunting in 2009 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Chasing sheep is my passion, but I do make time for all the species Alberta has to offer. I joined the ABA board because I realize the amazing bowhunting opportunities that we have in Alberta didn’t happen by accident, and I want to do my part to see that we continue have these opportunities in the future.

Terry Brew

Terry Brew

Regulations Director

I am a Life Member of the ABA and a member of the executive team simply because I watched those who went before us fight for the season's, opportunities and access that we have as bowhunters in Alberta, and believe we need to do the same for the future of bowhunting here in Alberta.



Mike Walliser

Membership Director

A long time member and executive member Mike is passionate in his role as membership director.