Jack Kempf Bow Raffle

We are very excited to announce our newest raffle!!  Because we had to cancel our 2020 Banquet due to the COVID outbreak, we are now going to raffle the bow that renowned Alberta bowyer Jack Kempf built for this year’s banquet.  Jack has been a huge supporter of the ABA as far back as any of us can remember.  He builds and donates a traditional bow to the ABA every year at our annual banquet to raise funds for the ABA. We are so very grateful and appreciative for what Jack has done for the ABA for so many years!!

The bow we have on this raffle is one of Jack’s famous “Kwyk Styk” recurves.  The riser is made from Australian Walnut and is the first time Jack has used this wood in building bows. Is a beauty!!  The bow is 56” long.  Is 45# at 28” draw.  Is a right handed bow.

We have completed the package (courtesy of Big Timber Archery in Grande Prairie) with all the accessories (Selway slide on bow quiver, arm guard, tab, shooting glove, bow stringer, string keeper, 6 arrows) you need to start flinging arrows as soon as you win!!

There are only 500 tickets for this raffle and it truly is a fantastic package.  Everyone wants a “Jack Kempf” bow and this is your chance to get one – or add to your Jack Kempf Collection.

Check out the “Raffle Rules” for all the details.

Good luck!!!!