Online Game Awards Submissions “Instructions”

You can easily submit your Big Game and Small Game entries using our Online application.  We strongly encourage the membership to use this process for a variety of reasons – should eliminate lost entries, simplifies the entry procedure, lessens the workload on the awards chairman, the information is easily “calculated” for our ranking systems, the information can be used in “analytics” for stakeholder/FW meetings.

Click on the applicable entry form and fill in the various fields.  For the Big Game entry that has a score attached to the application, to authenticate that the animal has indeed been officially measured, you MUST attach (scan and upload as PDF or take a picture and attach as a JPEG file) ONE of the following:

- a completely filled out ABA Game Awards Application form with all the necessary signatures (witnesses, signed Affidavit of Fair Chase, Affidavit of Pope & Young/Boone & Crockett measurer).

- a completely filled out Pope & Young official score sheet with the signature of the official measurer.

- a completely filled out Boone & Crockett official score sheet with the signature of the official measurer.

We have links to the ABA Game Awards Entry Requirements and the ABA Rules of Fair Chase.  Read these as that is a requirement for submitting an entry.

You can attach a picture(s) and/or story of your harvest to be used in a future ABA Yearbook or on the website, our Facebook and Instagram pages, at our Game Awards presentation at the Banquet.

Once you have completed the application and have attached the necessary ABA application form or PY/BC official score sheet, you hit “Submit” and should get a notice that your entry was successfully submitted.  If not, then check the various fields of the online form to see if something was missed or not filled in correctly.