(April 24, 2019)


Small Game, Big Game, Master and Grandmaster ABA bowhunter Awards (no time limit to earn), as well as the Annual Big Game Awards Program have been established for ABA members only.  Applications for these awards will be accepted only if the bowhunter is an ABA member at the time the game entered is taken.  Must be taken in Alberta in a regulated hunting season and on a valid hunting license. All animals entered must be taken under “The P&Y Rules Of Fair Chase” (http://www.pope-young.org) (NOT allowed are draw lock devices, battery operated sights, bow mounted rangefinders, use of cellular trail cameras, etc.)(lighted nocs (Lumenoks) and bow mounted cameras ARE allowed).

Entries must be received by March 1 in the year following when those animals were taken – NO exceptions!!   For example:  any ABA eligible animal taken in 2016 must be entered by March 1st of 2017 – the only exception are Cougars taken in Dec 2016 as they fall in the following Awards year (2017) to be consistent with the dates of that particular Cougar season.


SMALL GAME AWARD (Certificate)

ABA bowhunters must take 1 species from 5 of the following 6 categories (all taken in Alberta):

GAME BIRD                                            RODENT                                           CARNIVORE

Hungarian Partridge                             Jack Rabbit                                      Wolf

Ruffed Grouse                                         Snowshoe Hare                                Coyote

Sharp-tailed Grouse                               Cottontail Rabbit                            Fox

Spruce Grouse                                         Woodchuck                                      Raccoon

Blue Grouse                                             Gopher                                              Badger

Merriam's Turkey                                  Porcupine

Ptarmigan                                                Beaver

Pheasant                                                   Red Squirrel



VARMINT                                                MIGRATORY                                   FISH

Crow           Magpie                                Ducks                                                 Species according to Fishing

Raven (on private land)                         Geese                                                 Regulations.  Examples:

Starling       Pigeon                                 Coots                                                 Sucker

Skunk                                                        Common Snipe (Wilson's)             Lake Whitefish

Free ranging wild boar


BIG GAME AWARD (Certificate)

ABA Bowhunter must take any 3 of Alberta's 10 species (can be male or female):

Whitetail/ Mule/ Elk / Moose/ Bighorn Sheep/ Antelope/ Black Bear / Cougar/ Goat/Bison


MASTER BOWHUNTER AWARD (personalized buckle - $275 value)

*ABA bowhunter must take four of the above Alberta species, and, with the exception of bears and cougars, all must be legal males ( > 4" antlers, 4/5 curl, etc.)

*Two of the four must meet Pope & Young's minimum score.

*Bowhunter must have already earned a Small Game Award, and have taken at least one carnivore.



ABA bowhunter must take six Alberta species of  Pope & Young animals.

*Bowhunter must have already earned a Small Game Award and have taken at least one carnivore.


ANNUAL GAME AWARDS (Gold, Silver & Bronze Award plaques)

ABA Bowhunter must take the largest of the Alberta species; listed below (Dec. 1st thru Nov. 30th).

ELK (Typ and Non-Typ), WHITETAIL (Typ and Non-Typ), MULE DEER (Typ and Non-Typ), MOOSE, BIGHORN, COUGAR, BLACK BEAR, ANTELOPE, GOAT, BISON, TRADITIONAL AWARD, LADIES, YOUTH AWARD (< 17 Years old on day animal is taken)


For Entries or Any Information Regarding the ABA Game Awards Program

CONTACT:  RYK VISSCHER, 1166-68st. NW, Edmonton, AB.  T6K 3K4.

780- 445-0327 (cell), 780-450-0386(FX).   Email- ryk@ryk.ca


FOR ABA MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION (www.bowhunters.ca) (membership@bowhunters.ca)

ABA Membership Director
Box 89021 McKenzie Tower, Calgary, Alberta  T2Z 3W3