Alberta Bowhunters Association 3D Program

The primary focus of the “ABA 3D Sponsorship Program” (initiated in 2018) is to support the ABA affiliated clubs.  We continue to promote the fun and family friendly atmosphere so many of our shoots offer in Alberta.  We also want to stress the need to make sound field choices based on distance and shot placement.

- each ABA affiliated club will be asked to apply to the ABA 3D Chairperson by May 1 of each year for a $200 donation from the ABA with those funds used to purchase prizes on behalf of the ABA - with $75 of that donation used for prizes for the youth categories.

- this donation will be made to the club only if they have a bowhunter type theme or component (Hunter Class) at one of their shoots.

- the donation from the ABA has to be used to supply prizes to that particular shoot and the ABA is recognized as a sponsor/donor etc.  The club at their discretion, may have these prizes available ONLY to ABA members.

- the club will have to include in their application request, a poster/shoot info of their club shoot that has the bowhunting theme or component.

- this poster/shoot info will then be put on the ABA website, Facebook Page, newsletter.

- only one club shoot submission per year.  Shoot can be indoor or outdoor.

The ABA will supply a major prize after the 3D season, $500 Gift Certificate to the Archery shop of the winner’s choice which will be awarded to a lucky winner by random draw at annual ABA banquet.

How to get entered?  Any ABA member who attends an affiliated club bowhunter themed shoot will be automatically entered in the draw.  Each club will have to supply the ABA with a list of ABA members who attended their shoot.  The more shoots the member attends, the more entries they will get, 1 entry per affiliate club shoot attended.  Prizes could be added as more sponsors donate.  The hunter class is left to the choice of the club on the scoring and format.  We can provide packages and outlines to implement the Bowhunter Challenge Class if a club needs guidance.



            - With the onset of Covid 19 and the cancellation of all archery club 3D shoots for the near future along with the ABA only receiving one application for our 2020 3D Sponsorship Program, the ABA has cancelled the program for this year and will restart in 2021.